Modular Hardware and Software Design

Our software platform can leverage low-cost commodity spectrum monitoring equipment and commercial-off-the-shelf compute resources to create a scaleable and flexible spectrum monitoring system. You can use your existing spectrum monitoring hardware, or select a software-defined radio that best meets your mission from a variety of commercial offerings.

Real-Time Operation

Our patent-pending algorithms suite can detect and classify signals directly on the sensor itself without needing to transmit large amounts of data back to another processor. We utilize a variety of novel machine learning-based approaches to generate simplified outputs relevant to your needs, even on resource-constrained systems.

One or Many Sensors

Sensors can operate in standalone mode, where all data is generated and processed locally and outputs are delivered through a desired network or to a user interface. Sensors distributed across an area can also be networked together for faster sweep times, increased localization fidelity, and more robust signal detection capability.

Modular Design

Our software stack is designed around a modular open systems approach (MOSA), allowing our senors to easily integrate with existing networks.


Our software platform is compatible with many different commercial sensor and compute devices, which lowers overall system cost by not tying it to a particular hardware stack.


Our general purpose spectrum monitoring platform can be easily re-tooled to address a particular mission profile.

Let Us Hear from You

We'd love to answer any questions you have! Send us an email at and hear directly from us about our technology, applications, or anything else.